About Us

The Humans

Levi is the brains + brawn behind our bus. He’s worked as a carpenter and plumber and has experience in HVAC, electrical and pretty much everything else we need to turn a school bus into a house. He’s also a pretty avid skiier, which means we’ll probably spend the majority of our time on the bus bumming around ski resorts.

Rachel is the bus content person. She wrote the thing you’re currently reading AND made the website you’re reading it on. She is also in charge of writing all the blog posts, taking the Instagram pictures, filming the YouTube videos and editing them for the world to see. During the day she actually does this for a living, helping real estate agents all over the country manage their social media accounts and keep their blogs full of interesting content.

The Cats

Phin is our rambunctious boy. He’s currently about 5 year-old and so big that we actually have to carry him around in a dog crate. Don’t worry, he’s perfectly healthy, though the vet is concerned that we actually adopted a wildcat instead of a housecat. When he isn’t getting into everything he can get his paws on, he enjoys belly scratches, playing fetch and leaving white cat hair on every piece of black clothing you own.

Tonks is our sweet baby angel. She’s also about five, though we adopted her about a year before Phin. She loves cuddling—only when SHE wants to, though—and always appreciates a good chin scratching. Check out our Instagram for shots of her signature #kittyflop which will make you fall in love with her.

The Bus

Bustav is our bus! He’s a 77 passenger, 2001 Freightliner FS-65. He’s about 39.5 feet long and has a 5.9L cummins diesel with an Allison 2000 transmission. Hopefully, by spring of 2022, he’ll be a one bedroom, one bathroom house on wheels!

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