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We are Levi and Rachel—a married, twenty-something couple converting a school bus into a tiny home on wheels.

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Skoolie Conversion Update #4 | Reskinning the Bus

Hello friends! It’s definitely been a few weeks since our last post, but life is crazy and it turns out working full time + traveling + promotions + converting a school bus into a tiny home doesn’t make content creation very easy. But, I figured I’d hop on and pick up right where we left…

Skoolie Conversion Update #3 | Window Removal and Raising the Roof

Happy Sunday friends! We’ve been a bit absent on the internet lately but we have a few good reasons. The first (and biggest) is that Levi has been going through some work changes lately. When we moved out to Illinois to work on the bus full time, we new that my paycheck would only really…

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