Skoolie Conversion Update #2 | Rust Conversion and Painting the Floor

Happy Thursday friends! Over the past few weeks, we’ve (i.e. my husband Levi) has been hard at work turning our old school bus into our future tiny home.

This week, we’re talking about how we converted our rusty bus floor and then painted it!

Rust Conversion

Rust conversion, for those new to this world like me, is basically taking iron oxide and turning it into magnetite. The goal is to stop the rust, because you need a stable platform to work on and if you don’t remove it, the rust will continue to eat away at the platform. Rust = bad.

We had to wait until it was warm enough outside to complete this little project, since Corroseal requires it to be AT LEAST 45 degrees outside, something that is hard to guarantee during Illinois springs.

We used a product called Corroseal and painted a fairly thin layer all over the bus floor (honestly, we should have done a thicker layer but it should be fine). The pictures on this post show it mid-processing where some sections are just starting to turn black, which is what you want!


After Levi got it rust converted, a few days later we came in together to paint the floor! This part, which uses an enamel paint like Rust-Oleum, basically seals everything up and completes the process to prevent further rusting and any more leaks which could cause even more rusting.

While Levi handled the trim of the bus, I was the one who painted pretty much the whole floor (yay me!) and I think I did a pretty good job.

As always, for more information and detail on this project, check out the embedded video above!

Next week, we’re gonna be prepping for a big one: the roof raise. So be sure to hit follow/subscribe and check out our Instagram for more updates!

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